Recruit Supporters

How to Recruit Supporters and FAQ



1)      What is Allan’s strategy to recruit supporters?

The strategy is called TEN-TEN.
supporters - TEN dollars. I.e., each supporter should committed to recruit another TEN supporters and prepare TEN dollars for Allan’s campaign.
。If the supporter lives in Allan’s riding, the supporter should use the $ 10 to register ONE YEAR membership of OntarioPC to gain the right to nominate Allan in the Nomination Convention.
。If the supporter does not reside in Allan’s riding, reserve the $10 for Allan’s campaign.
。Each supporter should carry on the TEN-TEN momentum by helping their recruited supporters to recruit new supporters.

2)      How to recruit 10 supporters?

a)      Please copy the following message and revise as needed. Then email to ALL your contacts:

“Dear  ,
I trust this email finds you well.
My friend Mr. Allan Tam is going to run for the Provincial election in 2018 as an Ontario PC Party Markham-Stouffville candidate. I support him, and I invite you to support him too.
You may know more about him by the links below:
Allan Tam’s Commitment to Ontario
Markham-Stouffville Riding Map
If you want to support him too, please let me know.
Thanks you
Yours  “

b)      Please make calls to your contacts and invite them to support Allan, 10 minutes or a few phone calls per day.

c)       “Supporters” means those who are willing to carry on the TEN-TEN momentum by helping the supporters to recruit new supporters for Allan.

d)      We need to identify those who are ready to support Allan.

e)      If the supporters reside in Markham-Stouffville Riding, please register the whole family age of 14 and above as Ontario PC Party members by online.

3)      What is Nomination?
Only ONE candidate from each political party will be nominated to run the provincial election in each riding. The process is called nomination. *

4)      How Allan can wins the nomination?
Allan needs over 50% support in the nomination convention to win the nomination.

5)      What is the membership fee, how to pay?
$10 for one year. Credit Card.

6)      What are the obligations of OntarioPC Party member?
You need to nominate Allan Tam in the nomination convention. Other Party participation is subject to your personal preference.

7)      Can I send proxy to nominate Allan?
No. You have to attend the nomination convention until Allan gets his nomination in the convention.

8)      Where and when will be the nomination convention?
It should be within or close to the riding area in end 2017. Will keep you posted.

9)   Why Ontario PC Party?
Overall, my political platform is closest to Ontario PC.

10)   Who can nominate Allan?
Age 14 and above, reside in Markham-Stouffville Riding. No need to be a Canadian citizen.


Please pick up your phone to invite your contacts to support Allan Tam now. Phone calls or face to face are the best ways to recruit supports.


Your help in Allan’s nomination is much appreciated.

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